Canada’s SUV program offers the world
…a world of opportunity

Program Overview

Successful SUV program applicants must obtain support from a Designated Business Organization (DBO)

Program Overview

Three types of Canadian organizations
are authorized to issue a Letter of Support

The most important requirement in order to obtain an approval for Canadian permanent residency
is to earn a Letter of Support from one of the following types of organizations:

#1 Incubators

No outside investment is required to qualify

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#2 Angels

Secure a $75,000 angel investment (min.)

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#3 VC firms

Secure a $200,000 investment (min.)

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Consulting Services

Our success-based consulting services have delivered the
coveted Letter of Support in over 98% of our cases

We've built a reliably efficient process to select and coach successful SUV program applicants

Engage Global RCG Canada

Execute success-based agreement

Ideation Vetting

Due diligence, feasibility studies, marketing and business plan

Interview Training, Package creation

Pitch deck, coaching idea refinement

Pass Interview

Get invitation for DBO training

Complete Incubator Program

10 Business days of mentorship and training on how to succeed in Canada

Receive Letter of Support

Complete the full business plan package

Apply for PR or WP

Immigration Professionals combine LOS and Form 13 with admissibility documents


Can my time abroad count toward my PR status?

Your time outside of Canada toward your permanent resident status, provided you meet at least one of these conditions:

- You work outside Canada:
You need to work full-time for:
a Canadian business or organization, or
the Canadian federal, provincial or territorial government

- You travel with a spouse or common-law partner
Your spouse or common-law partner needs to be:
a Canadian citizen, or
a permanent resident working outside Canada, full-time for:
a Canadian business or organization, or
 the Canadian federal, provincial or territorial government

-You’re a dependent child and travel with your parent

What is the minimum investment amount for the Incubation route?

If the investment comes from a designated Canadian venture capital fund, you must secure a minimum investment of $200,000.
If the investment comes from a designated Canadian angel investor group, you must secure  a minimum investment of $75,000.

You don't need to secure a financial investment from a business incubator. You must be accepted into a Canadian.

If my new business idea fails, do I lose my PR status?

If you business fails, it doesn't affect you permanent resident status.

What industries are eligible for the SUV?

The range of acceptable industries is quite broad and includes:

Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Clinical research, Communications, Construction, Energy & Resources, Food processing, Financial services, Health & Life sciences, Government, Information technology, Insurance, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Mining, Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Services, Textiles, Transportation, Travel & Tourism.

How can I confirm what you are telling me is true?

We encourage you to conduct your own due diligence and verify directly on the Canadian government’s official site:

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