The Canada SUV Program
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Our Group

When you combine the global reach and entrepreneurial know-how of Global RCG with the remarkable fulfillment capabilities Startup Visa Services provides, you get Global Canada Group.

End-to-end capabilities

Full service offices in Toronto comprised 20+ full-time employees.

Our local Toronto office enables a reliable incubation and application process

Our approval rate

Industry-leading track record

Highest approval rate in industry

98% approval rate in last three years


300+ total

100 approvals received last year


We average ~ four months

The industry averages 12 months to complete process

Source: Freedom of Information Act request (available to prospective applicants)

Strong North America Presence

Strong local coverage in place to ensure best-in-class services

Immigration & Tax

Strategic legal & partner

Canada’s leading

Immigration and tax advisor

Toronto. Montreal & Vancouver

Why Global Canada Group?

We offer a success-based, end-to-end consulting service proven to reliably deliver positive results

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