The Canada SUV Program offers the world...
a world of opportunities

The most appealing RCBI program in the world

Canada’s SUV program scores highly
on four key criteria


One of the most attractively priced RCBI programs available today

Destination Quality

Canada is consistently on the very top of most global rankings


Permanent residency immediately granted upon approval


Lack of age, academic, or source & path of funds requirements

Global Canada Group offers two consulting service programs


Launch a new business at pre-seed stage
(no product, team, revenues, IP)

Foreign-born, U.S.-based STEM professionals

Professional manager and medical professional based overseas

Retirees & "empty nesters"

Advisory Fees


Expand home-country SMB into the North American
market using Canada as your HQ

Experienced founders of promising, emerging-markets based companies

Mid-career professionals selected to expand business into North America

U/HNW + of large established foreign companies

Advisory Fees

100% Money Back Guarantee

Commitment Certificate

Agreement that a designted organization will support you

Letter of Support

It is proof that they will support your business idea

Free Eligibility Assesment

You Win, We Win

Global RCG stands behind each applicants we partner with:

Preparation of business plan to Canadian standards

Securing interview with designated organizations

Acceptance by one of designated organizations

Assistance in completion of program

Upon completion:
- Certificate of of Completion of Training
- Letter of Support from a Designated Organization

Why Global Canada Group?

We offer a success-based, end-to-end consulting service proven to reliably deliver positive results

How we serve

We follow a highly-process-driven service engagement model

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