Who we are

Earn immediate permanent residency by proposing an innovative new Canadian business that earns support from a government-designated organization

The most reliable, timely and investor friendly mobility asset in the market today

Irrevocable permanent residency upon approval.

Apply for citizenship within 3 years.

No minimum investment requirement.

Live anywhere in Canada.

No source (or path) of funds requirements.

SUV program

One of the least expensive permanent residency programs in the world

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SUV program

Earn permanent residency immediately upon approval by Canadian’s IRCC

There are no performance requirements or job creation requirements in Canada’s SUV program. Therefore, at the moment of approval, PR is granted irrevocably.

GCG guarantees a full refund of its professional fees

98% track record since inception

Over 300 successful cases

SUV program

Few, if any, RCBI programs around the world are as flexible and applicant-friendly as the SUV program

As compared to the U.S. EB-5 program, for example, the SUV program does not even compare in terms of it’s investor friendliness

Funds (source or path);

Age (min or max)

Background (academic or professional)

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On a mission to accelerate the flow
of human capital into Canada

Who we are

Global Canada Group is a fully integrated Canadian
business firm.

We help qualified applicants obtain Canadian permanent residency and citizenship through new Canadian business creation.

Proven Track Record

We’ve built a track record of successfully serving clients from all over the world


Over 300 successful cases


98% approval rate


Clients from over 15 countries

Slava Apel
Chairman of the Board
Global Canada Group Toronto, Canada

You decide

The Canada SUV Program offers the most flexibility
of any program today

Whether you are eager to move to Canada within months or would rather keep the option open for as long as possible,
the SUV program awards the applicant with the most control over this key decision.
+ 4 months
+ 90 days
+ 35 months
+ 36 months
Our -end consulting services are deliver over a four month time period and do not require the successful applicant to visit our Toronto offices.
If you would like to move to Canada sooner, you can easily
do so by obtaining work permit at your NewCo.
Gain residency privileges anywhere in Canada, without the
obligation to move to the the country.
Eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship within three
years of PR approval.

Eliminate your dependency on asingle passport.

Stay informed on all the latest news about innovative Canadian start-ups and how
to be part of them

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Who we serve

Launch a new business at pre-seed stage
(no product, revenues, team, IP)

U.S.-based STEM professionals

Professional manager or medical professional
based overseas

Retirees &
“empty nesters”

Who we serve

Expand your
SMB into the lucrative North American market through a new Canadian subsidiary

Founders of
promising, emerging markets-based companies

U.S.-based STEM professionals

corporate and medical professionals


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Who we serve

We specialize in two types of innovative businesses

How we serve

We follow a highly-process-driven service engagement model

Why Global Canada Group?

We offer a success-based, end-to-end consulting service proven to reliably deliver positive results

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