Freedom to move

Global RCG creates products and services that help founders, investors and retirees to gain international residency and citizenship rights outside the United States.

We connect U.S.-based individuals and families with residency & citizenship privileges in thriving destinations outside the United States.

  • European Union: Gain EU citizenship through citizenship by descent program in European countries.

  • Crypto Capitals: Gain access to crypto-friendly “Bitopias” descent programs in European countries.

  • Canada: Gain PR on approval and citizenship within 3 years.

European Union

Ireland, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Czechia
and five other EU programs

Crypto Capitals

El Salvador, Montenegro, Cayman Islands, Singapore and the UAE


Vancouver, Toronto
and Montreal

Our Mission

Capital flows freely across borders yet freedom of movement is often restricted solely due to nationality

Our Mission

Our global platform is built on three types of mobility assets

Based on entrepreneurial ambitions, professional background or financial wherewithal

Based on passive investments in real estate or donations to local governments

Based on direct ancestral
ties to Europe

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Our Mission

We’re built to help consumers and employees at remote-first companies obtain dual citizenship and residency rights in the countries of their choice.

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